Respiratory System
1. People with asthma have hypersensitive respiratory system airways that, when triggered, constrict. Constricted airways reduce the flow of air and cause trouble breathing. Asthma is associated with wheezing, caused when air is forced through restricted air passages.
2. Asthma is not caused by emotions or psychological conditions. Emotions may exacerbate asthma, but the hypersensitive respiratory airways were present before emotions were introduced. Also asthma can be brought upon by smoking or second hand smoke.
3. Asthma can affect the circulatory system because it makes you breath harder and makes the oxygen blood cells work harder than non-asthmatic person.
Pair number 1
Muscular and Skeletal
Functions of the muscular system are posture, joint stability, and heat production.
Functions of the skeletal system are Bones provide a rigid frame work, known as the skeleton that support and protect the soft organs of the body.
The two systems work together by the skeletal system supports the muscle

Enzyme X stayed the same throughout the whole experiment and was neither a simple or compound sugar

Cell diagram
4. There is an increase in the cells labeled A.

The cells would be able to recognize the disease more easily because they know what it is already and the white blood cells would be able to fight off the disease.

Oxygen and carbon would become more revealing due to the astronauts being in the space station

A chemical composition change that would occur due to the lights would be the h2o would change to a hydrogen gas because it would evaporate

Diagram A

Cell wall
It would not maintain homeostasis

#9 D
10 because D would be the most likely to attach itself because it fits perfectly to the enzyme
#11 most likely a catalyst would be added to increase the rate of reaction and movement of particles which would increase temperature

A vaccine is a shot of a particular disease and it gives you a small dose so your white blood cells can attack and become immune to it just in case it ever enters your system you are protected.

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